You Envision It, We Make It Happen

We offer a complete service so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. From the design through to the engineering and installation, we draw on our 25 years of building experience to deliver a quality and functional product.

From small amenities buildings for your new sports field to pedestrian access bridges and shade shelters for respite from the weather, we can construct it.

We combine aesthetics with practicality, creating robust structures that serve their purpose while enhancing the style of the space.

These structures are vital elements in any open space, crucial to whether your new park or sports field is successful in both form and function. They are often the gateway to areas otherwise inaccessible to the public, providing the missing link and connection point.


Solutions Contracting is a team of designers, engineers and builders. As a division of Landscape Solutions, we have access to an impressive fleet of machinery and equipment, with the financial strength and reporting capabilities to back up our promises.

When you engage Solutions Contracting, you get a team of professionals who want you to succeed. We are dedicated to producing outcomes that benefit your business as much as ours, and as a result, we’ll take ownership of the process and strive to deliver beyond what’s expected. We have stringent methods and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our staff and subcontractors, along with the safety of the public.

Sydenham Green Structure

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